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One of your most important decisions before you deliver your baby is the selection of a pediatrician. Our board-certified pediatricians are specially trained in a wide range of health conditions affecting children from birth to their adulthood.

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We treat the whole child – physically, mentally, and socially and address both acute and chronic diseases such as asthma.

Regular visits for Well-Child checks will keep your child healthy. By 18 months of age, you should complete eight Well-Child visits. During these, your child’s doctor will give any vaccines due, check growth and development, and test vision and hearing starting at age four.

Vaccines protect your child by immunizing against certain diseases. Many of these vaccines protect your child for life. Some vaccines are given as one shot (dose) or a series of shots (two or more doses). When available, we might give your child vaccines combined together in one shot.

Click here to find a schedule of vaccinations from birth to age six.

For your child to be completely immunized against a disease, he or she must get all the recommended doses. There have been outbreaks of serious diseases in children who did not get fully immunized.

Our pediatricians will also educate you about your child’s health, safety, nutrition, and fitness needs.

You will want to keep up with oral health checkups along with immunizations and well-child checks. You might not think your child needs dental care, but the first oral health checkup is recommended by one year of age or within six months of seeing the first tooth. Talk to your dentist about preventing cavities with fluoride or sealants.

The Childhood Health Record, offered by the state Department of Health, can assist you with a useful and handy record of your child’s health. You also will receive reminders from your health plan, pediatrician, and/or the state to schedule the Well-Child checkups.

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