Family Dentistry Services

We provide dental services for all members of your family to keep teeth and mouth healthy and prevent illnesses that can come from poor dental health.

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Dental services at Neighborhood Health are delivered by a team of dentists, hygienists, and assistants.

We provide exams, digital x-rays, cleaning, fillings, crowns, extractions, assistance with dentures, emergency care, and more. Our medical and dental providers share an electronic patient record to provide you the most complete care possible.

To prevent dental issues that can result in a serious illness, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that you visit your family dentist for a checkup at least two times each year for cleanings. This eliminates plaque buildup and prevents tooth decay. If necessary, our team can also provide fluoride treatments to coat the teeth and add more protection against tooth decay. Dental checkups help prevent serious illness by allowing your dentist to find oral health problems long before you have symptoms.

On some visits, radiographs, or x-rays, are taken to help detect cavities and other tooth and jaw problems. If we find a cavity during a checkup, your dentist can provide a dental filling before it develops into a more serious problem that may require a crown, dental implant, root canal, or other restorative procedure.

Our family dentists understand how teeth change with age and can keep your teeth healthy throughout your lifetime.

Just a few of the services offered by our family dentists are:

  • Regular cleanings
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Cavity identification and filling
  • Treatment for gum disease

For Children

Dental care for your children should begin even before they are born. This starts with good oral health during your pregnancy. After your baby is born, they should see one of our dentists as soon as you see their first tooth. Dentists at Neighborhood Health can even visit your children during their medical exams to make it convenient for the family. Call today to get your child in for a dental evaluation.


When should my child first see a dentist?


Pediatric health care providers now suggest baby’s first visit by their first birthday or no later than six months after the first baby tooth appears.


Why so early? What dental problems could a baby have?


Dental problems in the form of early childhood cavities or tooth decay can begin in the first years of life.


When should I start cleaning my baby’s teeth?


Starting at birth, clean your baby’s gums using a wet, soft-bristled infant toothbrush, a cotton finger cloth or a baby washcloth. Dental home care can begin on the changing table prior to diaper changes! Be creative. Use games, music, and singing but be persistent. Thorough cleaning prior to bedtime is essential each day.


When should bottle feeding be stopped?


Children should be weaned from the bottle at 12-14 months. Avoid putting the baby to bed with a bottle containing anything other than water.