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Primary Medical Care Services

You might ask: Why Do I Need a Family Doctor? I can just go to the urgent care clinic or the emergency room if it’s really bad.

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Primary care

But medical emergencies are rare, and these unnecessary visits are a big reason why our healthcare costs are so high.

Your family medical provider follows you and your family through your entire life cycle. They treat babies, toddlers, teens, people in their 20s, middle-aged adults, retirees, and people well into their 90s. Here at Neighborhood Health, we have doctors who have seen the same patient through a decade.

Family practitioners also treat a wide variety of conditions, so they can be your first point of contact at any time in your life. They also know when to refer you to a specialist.

The lasting relationship you build with this medical professional means you get the most knowledgeable care possible because they know your medical history, can watch for red flags with medications, and monitor changes in your health over time.

Make an appointment with one of our family practitioners and start building a relationship for a lifetime of good health.