Health Care for Those Experiencing Homelessness

The Neighborhood Connections program provides a full range of medical, dental, or behavioral health services for anyone experiencing housing instability. Also, Neighborhood Showers, our mobile trailer for showering and hygiene, opens March 1. See News Blog for dates/times.

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Homeless healthcare

You are eligible for services if:

  • You stay with friends or relatives, sleeping on sofas or doubling up with others.
  • You go to a shelter or other short-term housing like the Mission, Calvary Rescue, or YWCA.
  • You were homeless before entering a treatment facility.
  • You live outdoors — on the street or in any type of vehicle — somewhere without running water or heat.
  • You used to be homeless but now reside in a supportive housing program and see a case manager regularly.

If you or anyone you know is living in any of these conditions, Neighborhood Connections can provide medical care at little or no cost to you.

Care is provided at 102 S. Naches in Yakima.

We serve homeless Veterans and their immediate family at Chuck Austin Place.

Services include medical, dental, and behavioral health. Call (509) 853-2395 for more information.
1630 S 16th Ave, Ste. 10
Yakima, WA 98902